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Occult Empire Episode 015: Albert Speer Part I Mexican Treasure


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Title Card: Speer The Occulted History of the Reichsminister Part I: Mexican Treasure



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Dr. Joseph Goebbels and Albert Speer shaped the consciousness of Germany during the 1930s.



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Reichsleiter Dr. Robert Ley and his Leader



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Albert Speer and the monumental work at the Nuremberg Rallies.



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The Neue Reichskanzlei or New Reichs Chancellery was more than just a government building to the NS State.



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The Brandenburg Estate of Robert Frank is where Albert Speer stored his collection of 19th Century Romantic Period Oil Paintings.



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The Mexican Warehouse where Reichsminister Albert Speer’s artwork was kept hidden until 1978.



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Former German Mayor organizes sale of the Albert Speer paintings.



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In 1981, Albert Speer’s stolen oil paintings were auctioned in anonymity.



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Albert Speer denied membership in the SS: Shutzstaffel or Schwarze Sonne.



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The Croatians were closely allied to the Germans in World War II. This Revealing and Unpublished photo was found in the U.S. National Archives in the Summer of 2005. Shared here for the first time.



Albert Speer is examined on this first installment of “Dark Solar Order”. We will take a closer look at his occult activities in the art world, during and after World War II. One of Third Empire’s principal acolytes, Speer’s magnificent architecture (one can debate) solidified the form of Germany’s political leadership in the 1930s. There is a facet to his career that has, up to now, only been shared with German speaking audiences. Somehow, Albert Speer acquired a very expensive art collection and was able to hold on to it until his death. Where is the treasure now? and what happened to the previous owners under the rule of the NS State?

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