Occult simply means "hidden" or "veiled from sight"

The Free Your Mind 5 Conference

The Free Your Mind V:

A Conference on Consciousness, Mind Control and the Occult

April 7, 8, & 9 2017


Philadelphia, PA

Coming next month, April 2017, the Free Your Mind Conference returns to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with a Powerful Line-up of Speakers that will make this Gathering,  the Year’s Most Anticipated Event of the Truth, Consciousness and Alternative Research Communities. The Conference will highlight Whistle Blowers and Information Vital for Humanity as We Face the Critical Moment of Choice.

By Attending, You Will Find out the Hidden (the Esoteric) Meaning to the Causal Factors that play out through the current events (the Exoteric) of Our Lives. You Will Meet Fellow Divinely Charged Co-Creators that, Like You, have Recognized a Responsibility to The Self, Each Other, and the Universe to Participate in the Change We Want to See.

The Conference will be held at:

The Sheraton Bucks County Hotel

400 N Oxford Valley Rd, Langhorne, PA 19047

April 7th – 9th,  2017

As the Conference quickly approaches, All are Advised to Pick up their Tickets and to make Arrangements To Be at the Free Your Mind 5!

More Information can be found at


or by clicking here:

Free Your Mind Conference

Friends, please find the amazing posters for this year’s event here:

Looking forward to Meeting You at the Conference.


    – Bob from Cincinnati

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